Özlem Ünlü

Pâme is thrilled to introduce our third collaboration with Turkish artist Özlem Ünlü. 

Özlem is a visual, performance and shibari artist based in Istanbul. A strong activist for sexual freedom, she is amongst few local artists who push the boundaries of body representation through erotic art in Turkey.

Her works investigate notions of domination, sexuality, power, and gender. An expert in the Japanese art of rope bondage, Özlem is also an established performance artist. Özlem’s erotic drawings record live subjects self-pleasuring or making love with one another thereby giving them a magnetic sensuality. 

Inspired by Anatolian mythologies as well as ancient medicinal rituals, Özlem’s universe is intimate and hedonistic. For her collaboration with Pâme, she has created four exclusive watercolours that have a surreal symmetry and are lush with botany. Her subtly arousing drawings come to life with the movement of her limited edition prints. 

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